Topic: DiskPatch, clone sector hdd

I got a hdd which has bad sector can't fix by mhdd,
connected with sata usb to my workstation, I can see the file list, but  I can't copy anything,
the windows xp are keeping report write delay something...

DiskPatch, this tools has a function: clone,
it can copy sector by sector to another working hdd.
then I use the ontrack EasyRecovery DataRecovery, I have retrieved lots of files.

as the diskpatch interface is not brilliant, and the clone process take ages, I doubt the hdd crashed,
so I try a new one:
RecoverSoft Media Tools Pro 5.0
The interface under dos it is brilliant,

It is still doing the clone disk, as I know where is the bad sector(scan by mhdd),
and this hdd only has some bad sectors at the beginning, it is quiet easier to do,
but when I tried to clone through the bad area, this software has no setting can ignore the errors, this is no good.
I will come back once I finish the clone and data recovery.

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Re: DiskPatch, clone sector hdd

Yes, at last I have retrieved all the data.
So the software I mentioned they are good.
Hope these help you.