Topic: NO email client in windows 7

Surprise, just found no email client software in windows 7,  cool
google around:
Windows Live mail is better than Windows Mail when used as a replacement for Outlook Express. It becomes slow when Hotmail is added to a POP3 mail account, but for POP3 on it's own it's brilliant.

Windows 7 has an email client included: See folder \Program Files\Windows Mail\ Within this folder there is a HIDDEN file "WinMail.exe". This is the well-known "Windows Mail" from Vista. But this program doesn't work. To get it work you need to replace the file "msoe.dll" in this folder with a version of Vista (you need the same version from Vista: 32-bit or 64-bit). To replace "msoe.dll" in Windows 7 you need to take ownership of "msoe.dll".